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Custom Tshirt | 10 Clever Ways to Advertise Your T-Shirts

Mar 6

How To Use Custom Tshirts To Get Your Brand Known

If you want to start a fashion business, t-shirts are a good way to begin. However, you can’t expect to just put them up for sale and people will buy them. You have to put in the work and create a brand that would make people want to buy those shirts! Here are some great advertising tricks:


  1. Get Someone to Talk about Your Shirts

The people who talk about your shirts will have a huge impact on how those t-shirts will be perceived. You want to get people who can properly represent the brand through their personality. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to hire someone expensive. There are influencers today with a decent following who can be the perfect personality to talk up those shirts. Remember though that you have to give something back as part of the negotiation.


  1. Get Someone to Wear your Shirts

Of course, your shirts would sell better if your chosen person doesn’t just talk about those shirts but also wears them. It’s kind of a package deal here so expect to send over some merchandise for promotion. This is why it’s important to choose a good influencer – you want someone your target market would view as a trusted figure. For example, if you’re selling game-inspired t-shirts, you’d probably want to hire a streamer to wear your shirts.


  1. Upgrade your Website

Make sure your domain is up and running. The last thing you want is for someone to visit your site to order, only to have it come crashing down around the client. A lot of buyers tend to back out from a sale if the order process is too difficult or takes too long. Invest in a good website wherein adding to cart is quick and simple.


  1. Hold Contests

Engage your audience by encouraging them to join t-shirt contests. There are tons of possible games you can host with t-shirts as the prize. Perhaps a designing contest where the winner gets a free custom tshirt of their own design. You can have a “most t-shirts worn at the same time” contest and award the winner with a set. The theme of the game really depends on you – it doesn’t even have to be related to t-shirts! You can also choose to sponsor some game prizes and get your brand out there!


  1. Pay Attention to your Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are powerful outlets where you can gain a large following through your content. You don’t have to post about your t-shirt all the time – just make sure you have enough material there to create a subtle connection between what you sell and what your target market wants. A strong social media following also helps improve your site ranking if you connect the two through links.


  1. Take Advantage of Instagram and Pinterest

These sites are image-centric, something you’d really need for a t-shirt business. Be creative with your posting, making sure all your best designs are available through the site. Don’t forget to use tags and descriptions to make your products easier to find.


  1. Upload Videos

Don’t be afraid to show your face through your videos – you are the best person to talk about your brand! Short catchy videos featuring your t-shirts should help get you some traction. Even better, when connected together, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube can make for excellent SEO points.


  1. Get a Physical Spot

Try to put up a kiosk at a mall or time it for events. Kiosks may mean shelling out money but this can also translate to direct sales!


  1. Use Newsletters

As an online marketing technique, this is fairly old school. However, you’ll find that newsletters still work. A good technique is to offer discounts if they provide their email – giving them every incentive to buy!


  1. Go Old School

Finally, don’t be afraid to do the physical work. Put up signs, walk the road, and give out papers to tell people about your product and who you are. People still appreciate the physical form of marketing!


Note – it takes time and effort to go from 1 sale per week to 10 sales a day so don’t be afraid to do the work! All successful business owners today are hands-on.