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What It's All About, Ladies And Gentlemen

Sep 26

Upon entering Ladies 'n' Gents Spa, you will feel at ease instantly.

To have a stunning physical look requires a great deal of self-assurance. Thus, the calm atmosphere at our New York City and Long Island spas is infused with Middle Eastern touches. Hairstylists, colorists, masseuses, laser hair technicians, and estheticians are all available to help you get the style you've always wanted.

Our customers leave the land of grandeur and loyalty feeling like a million dollars after a visit to Ladies n Gents Spa. Since we've been doing hair for over a decade, we know how important it is to treat every customer like they're a celebrity. Here at Ladies n Gents Spa, we prefer to think of luxury as a state of mind.


Our Salon's Main Focus Is On Providing Services For The Care Of The Skin And Body, Including Hair And Nails

Many distinct male and female hairdos.
The services you require will be provided to you by our stylists. Schedule an appointment at once for a new haircut.


Hair Dyeing: The Do's And Don'ts Absolutely Any Shade You Like

It's possible to go from blonde to brown with the right products. You can get the finest hair coloring in Manhattan and on Long Island at the Ladies 'n' Gents Spa.


It's Possible To Remove Hair With A Laser

Don't wait to schedule an appointment to get unsightly hair removed from your legs, face, underarms, back, or any other part of your body.



You will look and feel fantastic after our expert staff performs a microdermabrasion facial on you. You may schedule your next face-to-face meeting with the doctor at any time that is convenient for you in the New York City or Long Island areas.


Waxing Ladies 'n' Gents Spa offers expert waxing treatments for those who want a hair removal treatment that lasts longer than three or four days.


Create New Brow Hairs With Microblading

It's difficult and time-consuming to keep up with your brows as part of your daily cosmetic regimen. You'll be glad you went with our seasoned pros for microblading after reading this.


Manicure And Pedicure Services

Is there a single woman who doesn't love having her feet and nails pampered? If you want to come along, you need follow these instructions. Manicures and pedicures may be had at any time of day or night at the reasonably priced Ladies N Gents Spa.


Therapies That Focus On The Body, Such As Massage

You put in a lot of effort every day, so taking some time off is well deserved. A relaxing and stress-free massage with one of our trained therapists is more likely the sooner you schedule an appointment.