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Laboratory Grown Diamonds - Adamastar Ltd, NZ

Sep 8

What Does Admastar Do?

At Adamastar, we sell laboratory grown diamonds to clients and set them in their own bespoke jewellery designs. We understand that buying a diamond is a special stage in their relationship, so we like to take our clients on their own journey of discovery. Our clients learn everything, not just about the diamond and the setting, but they have the advantage of our vast knowledge and know-how. By working with our talented designers, jewellers, and setters, we create the perfect piece of jewellery, so the client’s experience is always better than expected. We make sure that the design is right, and the client is fully happy before we progress to the actual making of it. Since we do not carry the diamonds in stock, we may initially quote on a particular diamond, at a particular size and grades, but when we come to purchase it, due to perhaps delays in deciding, that diamond may no longer be available. In such cases we always go up a grade or a slight weight increase at the same price as quoted. So, it is always more and not less than promised. After we gain an idea of what the client is wanting, we discuss and advise the options usually by email, before giving a quote. At any time, we can meet in our relaxed and beautiful downtown office where we meet and can show off our beautiful, perfect diamonds. Once seen, always impressed. The excellent cut of the lab grown diamonds makes them stunning and their brilliance must be seen to believe.

Adamastar Ltd
Atrium on Tukutai, Generator Offices 11, Britomart Place, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
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