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Jersey Printing Singapore

Aug 23

Custom Printed Jersey in Singapore

The top quality goalkeeper and player jerseys enhance the professional image of a team. The players will be able to represent their team flawlessly whether at home or playing on the road. At Aquaholic you can get jerseys printed with top quality, and pick from a wide range of colors and sizes. The print file for jerseys can be set up easily and quickly online. We will handle the printing!


A team without a uniform is hard to recognize as a group. This is the reason why jerseys are a vital component of the equipment used by clubs for football teams, handball teams, or hockey clubs. At you've found the perfect service provider who you can not only purchase top quality jerseys, but also have professionally printed.

Player jerseys or goalkeeper jerseys

The jerseys are constructed of strong polyester, and as they are of top quality, guarantee the best performance in wicking of moisture.These short-sleeved jerseys come in various sizes from from XXS to XXL. If you want to print the jerseys of players, you have the option of choosing from various color combinations, e.g. white-blue, black-white, red-white and numerous others.

Also, if you choose to have a goalkeeper's shirt printed, you're ordering an item made from 100% polyester. The jersey has elbow padding as well as mesh inserts for maximum breathability.The long-sleeved goalkeeper's jersey is available in sizes XXS up to XXL.With the long-sleeved jersey, you can pick among the colors of grey, yellow, and red.

Create individual jerseys by using flex-foil or flock-foil printing

Two printing options that you can choose from Flex film printing or flock printing. This item can be printed separately in both the flex film and flock film printing. Both methods refer to the transfer printing process, that prints a design will be "transferred" to the textile through a carrier. The flex foil utilized for printing with flex foil comprises an outer layer of foil that is an coloured foil layer, and an additional layer of hot melt adhesive. The printing process uses the special foil called a flock transfer, which provides the print with a typical soft, silky texture.

The design is cut from pre-dyed foils, then "welded" to the textile by heating. By using flexo foil printing as well as Flock foil printing, vast variety of colors are available and the process of transfer can allow you to achieve complete ink coverage. Another benefit is the longevity of this robust printing that is tearproof and durable.

Include player numbers or an image printed on the jersey

You can get our custom printed jerseys with the player's number or personal designs. Color selection, player's numbers (1 through 99) and player's name may be altered within the cart. The data sheet also includes an overview of the player numbers as well as the colours available. Arial Bold is the font used by default. Arial Bold is used by default to display the name of the player.


The design you have customised like the club's logo, logo, or name could get printed on either the chest area or back of your jerseys. Of course, we'll also print player's names on the chest or back.

Player's number as well as player's name:

Player number chest left

Player number on the back

Player number chest left + back

Player name and player number back Player name back

player name back + player number chest left + back


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