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Aug 13


The season of spring is festivities, and the season calls for customized items and T-shirts! Whether you are planning a graduation party, bachelor/bachelorette weekend, wedding shower or Mother's Day picnic, give special party favors like custom shirts or hats.

    • Graduation Everyone in the class requires an shirts with their graduation date engraved across the front. We can assist by supplying colors, fonts, and other small details that ensure your class is shining! Do you want a shirt with the names of all your classmates at the bottom? or shirts for the whole family to boast about your special graduate? Perhaps a custom-designed shirt designed specifically for the class president, favourite teacher, or commencement speaker? We're working on it! We'll leave the T-shirt design along with the print to us so you don't have to not worry about learning the terms to your alma mater!
    • Wedding Party: If you're the bridesmaid or most handsome man in the wedding, it's your responsibility to plan an unforgettable weekend for your best friend and guests. Since we print one shirt (think "Bride"), one dozen ("Bridesmaid") and 10000 ("Entire City Invited to Wedding") We can assist you in designing your personal shirts, scarves bags and much more for your grand bachelorette party and bridal shower.

You're looking for something masculine to gift the groomsmen? Apart from Printed T-shirts, we can also print socks, polos, hats tennis balls, cans, koozies stadium blankets, and much many more items that can be personalized to mark the bachelor party weekend.


    •   Mother's Day: You are planning a picnic to celebrate all moms and other women who are special in your life? Design your own T-shirts or hats that are custom-designed to honor "Mom." And don't forget to get "I love my Mom!" shirts for those little ones who will be at your picnic. We have shirts available in kid and sizes for infants, too and so children of all age groups can show their mom that they love her!
    • Family gatherings There's nothing that screams holiday or family gathering quite like matching T-shirts that are custom designed! Let us design a unique T-shirt design for your next family gathering to ensure that everyone who attends your amusement park, state park, or resort remembers and is reminded of your wonderful family.

Family members we who have kids are already thinking about summer camps. If your company runs camps for children during the summer or sleep-away camps, you'll need top quality clothing for your kids. Come in now and let one of our design team assist you in designing an ideal camp shirt that every child will enjoy and in a shade that allows you to identify a stray camper from just a mile away.

Summer and spring are filled with possibilities! Visit Aquaholic Gifts Custom T-Shirts today and let us assist you kick-start your celebration.