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Facts on Polo Shirts which might of interest to you

Aug 8

What you might want to know about your Polo Shirts 

Learn about the history of Polo shirts and then consider what you should be looking for when purchasing a new one for yourself.

The famous polo shirt may be described as a hybrid of clothes, which falls between traditional shirts and shirt. There are a variety of polo shirts that are available in various areas of life. But, it's an error and the origins could be traced in the past to tennis.

The Origin of the Polo Shirt

In the twenty-first century Rene Lacoste, a tennis player, realized that it was difficult for him to give his best tennis performance wearing the standard long-sleeved top with a tie. He made a decision to design an original shirt to wear for competitions and games. The shirt he wore to the 1926 US open championship was the model that inspired the polo shirts we have today originate from. In 1933 the Rene's Chemise Lacoste company came into existence, and began selling and marketing shirt in North America and Europe with the famous crocodile symbol. The Lacoste Polo shirt was used by professional players shortly after, and the shirt became all-encompassingly recognized and associated with this particular sport.

Available Brands With Polo Shirts

The link between polo shirts and tennis was further emphasized as the fashion brand Ralph Lauren was able to come up with their "Sport of Kings" collection of clothes featuring the 'polo shirts' as an element of the collection in the 1970s.

In the UK the Fred Perry Polo shirt was a favorite of youngsters in the 60s , due to the "Mod" movement. In the 70s it was a hit with sports hooligans Skinheads as well as Northen, and even the rude boys. The Brit Poppers became popular in the 90s early on.

It's safe to say that the Polo shirt is the ideal illustration of the impact of deliberate or accidental branding. There is a distinct message from every brand. For example, on the other hand, one side you will get Lacoste's aspirational image with its luxurious pretentious, preppy, and privilege subtext. On another hand there's Fred Perry's message , which was created by a vast group of like-minded individuals who formed a community and a sense of belonging through their clothing.

At the time of the day, whatever message you're being influenced by you're wearing the Polo .


What type of material Are Polo Shirts Made Of?

Polo shirts are generally constructed using knitted fabric instead of weaving. The pique weave is usually associated with the polTitleo shirt as it gives the shirt dimension and texture. Piques can be made in a variety of patterns like honeycomb cord, waffle, as well as birds-eye. This type of construction provides an aerated weave that allows the wearer of the shirt feel comfortable , even in hot weather or when producing your own warmth.

When you take a look at polo shirts they are not made of pique. It isn't the sole weave that is used. Golfers too have made polo shirts their own signature uniform, however they prefer jersey or woven materials with a more supple weave. They've merged the mix to incorporate more synthetic fabrics with more elasticity , like elastane or polyester. These blends, whether cotton or others, provide better moisture management and flexibility. Polo shirts designed for golf typically come with 3 or four buttons on a lower reaching placket, and an oversized collar contrasted to the single layer collar found in the pique shirt or polo shirt. Polo shirts for golf look better-looking and offer more flexibility when it comes to embellishment including screens printing and embroidery.

The man-made fibre or cotton weaves offer a more sophisticated hardwearing, more durable and more hot washing alternative for the T-shirt. In the workplace, workers are often exposed to employees to oily substances that require a more intense experience when washing. Man-made fibres enable you to wash them using this possibility.


Price of a Polo Shirt 

The cost of a polo shirt is dependent according to the details in tailoring as well as the fabric weight and the weave that the fabric is made of. Therefore, a lighter-weight polo shirt is likely to fall in the 185 gsm category, and you could find a mid-range polo shirt between 200 and 215 grams. A heavier polo will fall between the 230 and 230 grams range.

What aspect to look for in a Polo Shirt?

One of the most important aspects that you should look out for when you purchase Polo shirts is how its arms are made. A majority of these shirt have an embroidered cuff on the sleeve that is a favorite among the majority of people. however, you might find it uncomfortable since the cuff touches the bicep and could cause the sleeves to slide up your arm. Therefore, if you're not interested in that the cuff is not your thing, a polo that does not have might be more suitable for you. You can also purchase clothing specially designed to be used for sporting wear and for workwear. In addition, wholesale companies have also launched poly/cotton and cotton fabrics for polo shirts that come in contrast colours to suit sportswear.

If you're looking to make a statement sporting customised polo shirts that are sporty and polo shirts, you can choose from a variety of choices that are made of moisture-wicking, technical fabrics.


Is Polyester (ie Dry Fit material) a good option?

It is also an commonly utilized option when it comes to sports fabrics. It has some unique features, such as the fact that it is able to keep wind chill at bay however, it can still feel cool when temperatures are warmer. It is also able to absorb sweat and transfer it away from your body and onto on the outer hem of your shirt, helping dry quicker. Additionally, it's anti-biotic and light. If you are looking for something similar to these polyester, then it is a great option.



To take it all in we can conclude that the Polo shirt hasn't made far in terms of customization and modifications. It's remained true to its style, but there's something for all. If you are unable to figure out what you want for yourself, opt for the Polo shirt.